Name of the Client:

SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India)

Project Type:

Low Cost Informative Website


Automobile Servicing and Machine Spares


SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India) is amongst the new age producers of silencers, GI Hose Pipes, etc. and offer them at lowest price packages. Latest and state of the art machinery is used in fabrication of the machines. The company is also engaged in manufacturing and production of machine spare parts as well. For creating a niche position in a challenging Automobile Servicing and Machine Spares industry, SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India) focused on:

  • User-friendly website design meeting the requirements of prospective customers.
  • Emphasize clearly on different Automobile Silencers and Machinery Spare Parts.
  • Easy to use interface for the customers to browse through the product details.
  • Having separate partner section on their website.
  • Creating alluring brand presence and responsiveness using their website.
  • Having the features within narrow budget circumference.


SAI Web Design (India) provided SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India) with following solutions:

  • The professional website design was developed and emphasis was laid on thematic structure, arrangement of graphical elements as well as the color tone.
  • The innovative website design has a separate products tab provided which lists the thumbnail view of all products that the company deals in.
  • Sophisticated yet simple design and navigation allow visitors easy and quick accessibility.
  • The partners section provided in website contains specially designed digital form prompting the request from the visitor to become the partner.

Technology Used:



The superior and affordable website was designed by SAI Web Design (India) for Automobile Servicing and Machine Spares services provider. The website has a sober appearance and a visually enhanced interface. Our laborious hard work was significantly recognized and praised by SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India) as we expedited the necessary tasks within projected time structure. The present website of SK Generator & Auto Silencers (India) completely fulfills needs and requirements of prospective customers.

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