Name of the Client:

GH Records India

Project Type:

Low Cost Static Informative Website


Artist Promotion Industry


GH Records is an experienced artist promotion company located in New Delhi (NCT of India) that nurtures the new singing, painting and writing talents through their wide range of comprehensive promotional services. At an artist promotion company it was looking for following requirements:

  • A low cost website for their business.
  • An appealing web design to uphold visitor’s attention.
  • An informative website that can effectively highlight their artist promotion services.


SAI web Design (India) provided GH Records with following solutions:

  • We designed an economical website for their company.
  • We used vibrant color combination in their website so as to match with the prime theme of the website.
  • We have designed especially informative website for their company to effectively highlight their services for the new artists.

Technology Used:



GH Records website is one of the finest prototypes for a new artist promotion company designed by SAI web Design (India). GH Records has applauded our efforts in designing a feasible and affordable website for them without compromising on the main criteria for the website. GH Records will meet their objective with our pleasing and economical web design and visitors will appreciate our efforts.

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