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A reliable, interactive and qualitative business process gives IT companies an upper edge to generate reputable ROI. The very credibility of any delivery product cannot be compromised, especially if it based on testing, choosing amongst the ideal business alternatives, research, consultancy etc. Offshore outsourcing, in recent times, is high in demand in International market, and it has given IT companies good virtues. However, in future, when the availability of resources will move down as compared to the demand, and there will be an appreciation in Indian currency, a downtrend activity is probable to happen.

India is becoming an IT hub, offering value-oriented solutions to clients abroad. As the hiring of IT professionals in other developed nations across the world has become a costly option, India is being seen the obvious choice by major IT players. A premier center of offshore outsourcing, India has richness of resources, cheap labor, easily accessible, and the biggest part is that global IT players can get cost-effective, value added services, matching their requirements.

Offshore and Outsourcing: Meaning and Expanse

Having talked of Offshore and outsourcing, both terms are interchangeable and confusing to a novice. Offshore is process physical movement and relocation of the company to another country, outsourcing on the other hand, is the transferring of a business process or group of business process, to different countries or third party. Many of the IT professionals are involved in outsourcing innovative business models and are primarily concerned with the qualitative measures and their timely delivery.

Considering all these factors, many of IT giants are hiring software professionals to enhance their productivity as a part of offshore outsourcing. Moreover, with host of options available in developing creative and interactive custom website designs; dynamic or static, interactive and user-friendly websites, offshore outsourcing is redefining itself. Tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, CorelDraw and PhotoShop are used to develop flashy and attractive websites.

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