Why to Opt for PSD to XHTML Conversion?

Nowadays more and more people prefer migrating from PSD to XHTML. But what’s the main reason behind this shift? Here are some of the vital reasons that have played a major role in this shifting:

  • Voluminous size of PSD files.
  • PSD files are static files and are difficult to manage.
  • Persistent Compatibility issues with web browsers.
  • Offers no interactivity or navigational assistance to a website.
  • Increases the Load time for a website.

XHTML is an advanced version of HTML with improved user tags. All the above disadvantages of PSD files have brought a shift in the web design strategy. Internet is flooded with millions of websites that are smartly designed to please their target audiences.

Benefits of PSD to XHTML conversion

  • XHTML is easy to use and a powerful markup language.
  • It resolves the persistent Cross browser compatibility issue.
  • Manually coded XHTML code is clean and SEO semantic and this increases the SEO friendliness of a website.
  • XHTML offers optimized object size.
  • XHTML code is in compliance with latest industry norms, including W3C.
  • Least possible load time can be achieved by converting PSD to XHTML with the help of standard code.
  • PSD to XHTML conversion process supports futuristic support by required comments and shorthand on code.
  • PSD to XHTML code supports logically Structured Coding.
  • It can be integrated with any type of CMS.

Many web design companies offer various PSD to XHTML Conversion packages to the clients. In order to get a quality website due attention should be paid to all the above advantageous features of PSD to XHTML conversion.

Now you must have got the idea that why Converting PSDF to XHTML has become crucial for any website designed using PSD and what advantage can PSD to XHTML Conversion can add new dimension to your website?

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