Website Design and SEO – Does it Really Matter?

Many of the websites that are floating on the web don’t have an appealing design, but they are able to draw huge traffic. A question arises… Does design of a website really matters? Well if seen from the perspective of search engine, it hardly matters. This is because search engine crawlers do not recognize a flashy and artistic website full of pictures or graphics. You will get no enhancement in your search engine ranking. All that search engine crawler recognizes is the textual content.

All said and done, search engine optimization leaves aside the point of traffic generation – the human factor involved therein. A vague looking website will not be able to retain the visitors and this will lead to low intensity of social viral advertising. With a poorly designed website hanging out there, you can very well imagine the frequency of visitors who will StumbleUpon or Digg or Socially book mark the pages of your website. And if there are less or no potential visitors to your website, you will lose business. Besides, the traffic visiting your website will lead to more of disinterested viewer ad sense revenue via the google ad sense campaign and Bidvertiser.

All About Website Design and SEO

  • A vague looking, but SEO friendly website will be able to cull high frequency of first timers who will make clicks on the text based ads to stick for a while to the website.
  • When seen from the perspective of Brand value, an insipid looking website will give an offensive feeling to online visitors. In this manner, the substantial amount of viral traffic will be lost leading to low business prospects.

The Learning Points

  • Content rules the web. Make a decent and simple looking website with less of images etc.
  • Give a fresh appeal to your website. But for all those first timers visiting your website, it might be their disgusting last visit, never to come back again.
  • Develop a search engine friendly website. It will work wonders for your.

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