Web Design Trends for 2013

2013 is progressing towards its mid and T think it is the best time to reflect the popular website design trends for 2013. There has been an advent of new concepts such as responsive web design, infinite scrolling and a lot more that are aimed at improving the user experience of a website. Here are the top website design trends in 2013 to watch out for:

Responsive Web Design

With the increase in number of mobile device users, there arises the need of websites that can work well on desktop screen as well as mobile device screens. The term responsive web design implies that the screen and its associated element will adjust themselves according to the browsing environment of the mobile device used by visitor to access a website. Responsive web design eliminates the need of a separate website for multiple websites.

Infinite Scrolling

Loading time is a significant component of any website and plays a vital role in Search engine optimization too.  Content is the foremost requirement of any website. Have you ever thought about the impact of large volume of content over the load time of a website? Too much content can hamper the initial load time statistics of a website. Infinite scrolling comes as a rescue solution to such situations. Infinite scrolling reduces the initial loading time of a website to deliver a large volume of content on a single page. By identifying the present scrolling position of the users, new content can be loaded whenever required. There may be a delay during the retrieval of new content but one can experience a decreased load time in contrast to the time taken to load whole of the content.

Larger Photographic Background

There has been a wide use of large photographic elements in the background of many web designs. Images are a good medium to catch users’ attention. Images convey strong visual messages based on their hue and background. Photographic background images are not suitable for every business. If you are into portfolio designing or want to have a creative website for your website, photographic backgrounds can really have their share of impact if done well.

Retina Support

It is one of the new trends in web design 2013. People will be seen building web designs for retina support. Retina support will improve the display of website on different screens.  Retina screens are twice as dense as compared to a normal LED screens. It implies that digitally twice the number of pixels have to be arranged in same space. This trend will be helpful for the devices that require enormous screen resolution.

Creative Navigation in Place of Traditional Navigation

Traditional top navigation will now make way for more creative navigation that can offer rich user experience by making use of photographic, animation and interactive video elements, Instead of traditional website navigation comprising of a defined set of links in a menu bar through which users click and scroll down a webpage, creative national will consist of reduced main menu bar that may disappear completely or slide behind screen edges.

Incorporating Parallax Effects into Web Design

Parallax effect is all about creating illusion of depth by adjusting the rate of movement of various elements with respect to the viewers scroll. This effect is being used more and more in web designs. Parallax effect offers stimulating visual experience for an engaging user experience across a website.

Fixed Header Bar

A fixed header bar will positively impact the user experience of a website. A fixed header bar will serve as a constant support to the visitor using which he/she can easily switch back to the home page of the website, although this concept is very much in practice but in 2013 it will be in full force.

Use of CSS3

CSS3 allow better opacity edit. It implies it offers you the authority to generate transparency in any modern web browser without opting for Photoshop.

These are some of the top web design trends for 2013. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and found it valuable. Are you in need of a better web design that can serve your futuristic business needs? Contact SAI Web Design (India), one of the reliable names for competent web design solutions in India.

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