Difference between Website Designers and Web Developers?

Website Designers and Web Developers are the two foremost professions associated with the building and creation of a web application. The job responsibility and the required skill set are different for the both the professions. But one thing is common that both the jobs require a lot of creativity but the main difference lies in the correct implementation of these skills. A web designer puts his creativity to render a unique and professional look to a website while web developers use this creativity to find a solution to the underlying problem.

The job profile of Web Designers is concerned with the overall visual aspect of a website that one can see on the browser. Web designers make use of several latest technologies such as flash, video technology, animation, Illustrator, Corel, CSS, HTML, XHTML etc. to create an attractive and unique layout for a website. Web designers are to be credited for giving a visual aesthetic to a website. Web designers require an eye for observation regarding the implementation of technologies in giving the finishing touch to a website. Web design is aimed at gaining visitor attention by embedding eye catching and enticing features in a website.

Web developers are the professionals who write tedious codes to provide functional competency to any website. The main work of a web developer is to ease the user experience of a website. The main ability of the web developers lies in making the successful usability of any web design. The smooth navigation and the robust information architecture of any website is also carried out by the efforts of a web developer which helps the visitors in easily accessing the main informative pages of a website and desirable information over a website. A web developer make use of various development tools like .net framework, Java, open source technologies, LAMP technology, PHP and various available development tools.

Now you must have become familiar with the job responsibilities associated with the website designers and web developers. Do you wish to own a productive and efficient website for your business designed and developed by a team of expert website designers and web developers?

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